А. A Language school specializing in short and medium term stays.

"In Down-Town" international language school provides courses for students who want to actively practice Russian language in Europe. To make the most of your stay in Estonia, our courses are structured for students to have as many chances as possible to speak, and also experience Russian culture and have fun through various activities. 

Б. 5 Levels of Classes from Beginner to Advanced. 

Classes are divided into 5 levels to meet the demand of every student. Class sizes are limited to 8 students to provide as many chances as possible to let you speak and clarify anything that you may not understand

В. Certified and time proven study programmes.

"In Down-Town" is an established language school with study programmes certified by Estonian Ministry of Education. The School employees over 25 fully qualified teachers with university degrees in education and pedagogy. Hence, classes will fully meet the demands of your language level.

Г. Uniquely designed live-action interactive tasks in the city.

In order to make your lessons more fun and engaging you will have a chance to try yourself at tasks based on unedited material in the museums and cultural venues of our beautiful Tallinn! This method of studying is both educational and cultural, and it will help you truly enjoy the process of learning a new language!

Д. Activities that will make your stay in Estonia more exciting!

There are plenty of after-school and weekend activities that you can experience in Estonia and around. Due to its geographical location Estonia gives you a unique opportunity to discover not only the Baltic States, but also Russia, Scandinavia and even Santa’s homeland - Lapland! Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Е. Courses start every Monday and can be taken a week at a time.

Planing to study Russian during your short visit to Estonia? No problem! You don’t have to wait until a new group will be formed or a new academic year will start! Just join us from upcoming Monday! You will receive a certificates for every successfully completed week.

Ё. Warm and detailed student support.

The Language School in Down-Town is one of the most international language schools in Tallinn. We are always happy to host the guests from abroad and invite them to join other students and guests for the events in our Cultural Cafés.! Check out our Multicultural Café events here. You will always find support and help from School staff whenever you will need.