House/apartment share
This type of accommodation allows for an independent living experience, while you have an opportunity to live with other students. Usually, shared rooms are only available for those students who are travelling together (as a family or a class). House/apartment share is ideal for students who would prefer to have a more sociable option.

Rental self-catering apartments
This is yet another good way to be accommodated in Tallinn, while you are mastering the language of your choice. Our certified real estate partners offer a number of modern apartments available for short-term rent throughout the year. Due to a certain level of demand, apartment accommodation generally needs to be booked at least 6 weeks before you are due to arrive. The pricing range is around EUR 700.00-800.00 per month, for a 1-2 bedroom apartment.

Bed and Breakfast
This option is relatively new for Estonia, therefore, depending on a location, a building or ownership type, a B&B can be called a 'hotel', 'hostel', or 'villa'. Prices vary significantly, and a student is usually recommended to take full responsibility in the process of booking this type of accommodation. In our usual way, the School will be offering full assistance in the process of searching for a right place.


Homestay (subject to availability)

As a prime choice, we offer a certified host-family for every international student. The language of communication within the host-family is always the language, which the student studies at our School. This homestay experience enables a student to 'dive' quickly into a desired linguistic environment and to enjoy Estonia's unique lifestyle. When a prospective student submits his/her on-line form to have a host-family in Tallinn, it is an absolute imperative to make sure that all boxes in the form are filled out and all required details are specified. Host-families could be multi-ethnic, those who have migrated to Estonia or live as first generation or second generation Estonian residents. The families are required to speak the language of the student's study at all times to him/her.

The School has its own Homestay Coordinator and never relies on outside placement service providers. Our host-families are carefully selected to provide quality home life for the diverse international studentship, therefore they all hold a police clearance and are certified on skill in cross-cultural communication. The School's Homestay Coordinator personally inspects all host-families accommodation. Homestay Fee for the 2023-2024 period is EUR 600.00 per month. This includes a daily breakfast and dinner, and, apart from that, also lunches on week-ends. The host-family provides the student with a separate room and shared bathroom facilities.