About the School

Why choose In Down-Town Language School?

In Down-Town Language School is the oldest establishment of its kind in the Republic of Estonia. In September 2017, the School celebrated its 25th Anniversary, proudly leading the market and being widely acknowledged for a trademark teaching style.  

To commemorate this date, we have launched a complete international study programme for Russian, English, French, German, Spanish and Estonian languages. 

Our School is in the heart of the Tallinn’s Central Business District, locally known as Kesklinn. The School’s location is simply unique: we are surrounded by few foreign embassies, a university, big shopping malls and small outlets, top restaurants and simple eateries, entertainment and transport facilities.

Our programmes are Ministry of Education and Research registered, extremely well-structured and customised for both local and international learners. Our teachers are native speakers in the language you would like to master. 


  • Contribute to the enhancement of Europe-bound educational space
  • Contribute to the processes of personal and professional development within different societies
  • Promote the highest level of intercultural communication and international academic cooperation


The School’s academic programmes are fully accredited by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and correspond to the European competence of foreign languages ​​(CEFR) allowing our students to achieve a high level of linguistic competence. In Down-Town Language School is a leader in promoting academic approach to learning that actively uses modern interactive teaching methods based on conscious language learning. Our methodological model allows both the teacher and the student to achieve the maximum and stable result within a short time frame.

The School is also a home to examination centres for a variety of languages, such as PEARSON, EDI and LCCI certification for English, Zertifikat and Sprachdiplom Deutsch (ÖSD) for German and SIELE Сertificación de Español for Spanish.