Study Estonian

Nowdays, when English language is a magic wand  for each foreigner while studying or living  abroad, not everyone wants to start learning new language.  Especially if we are talking about the languages which are not so popular in the world and are pretty diffcult to learn on the same time. Estonian langauge belongs to Uralic language family which is believed to be one of the diffcilut language groups. From this group are estonian, finish, and also hungarian languages. Its hard to believe that somewhere except of Estonia you will need to use this language, but still  there are  a lot of reasons to learn estonian langauge.

  1. Estonia is one of the most technologically developed countries in Europe. Except of being the birthplace of Skype, today Estonia is a very  good platform for new big and small startups, which are believed to be succesful ones. Estonia is E-country with its own online voting system and other comfortable E services . If you are planing to study and later work in Estonia it  would be very useful  for you to learn estonian language, because despite the fact that in companies people use also English it would be big advanatage to know Estonian.


  1. Being a tourist is quite cool in the beggining! You use your english langauge skills in every day life: in shop, at university, during local meetings. But it comes to some point that you want to understand a little more, you want travel around country, visit small villages, get to know local traditions and, believe or not, on islands (which are more than 2000 in Estonia) and small villages, people don´t speak english. So if you know basic estonian it will help you learn more about traditions, culture and customs of the nation.


  1. Ther is one popular stereotype about estonians that says “ Estonians are very cold people who keep distance from everyone and dont like to make new frineds“. In some way that’s true, but as one estonian told me once, they may seem serious and not friendly, but its just because they want first build connection with the person and only later open their hearts to them.  That sounds pretty logical! Finding friend, or even partner for life in Estonia is not very easy but its worth it! And of course in this case you better learn estonian!

If none of this reasons is yours, then you can just enjoy learning only basics to feel yourself here perfect and free!