Other languages

In addition to the opportunity to learn Russian, English and Estonian languages, you can also choose other foreign languages. In the language school In Down-Town you can also learn German, French and Spanish languages. One of the biggest pluses in learning of those languages in In Down-Town school ​​is that here they are taught by the native speakers.

The language school In Down-Town ​​is also known as an international qualification examination center in Estonia. It means, that, if you are learning German language, you can pass an international exam and get a german langauge ÖSD certificate that will give you an opportunity to enroll in universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And if you are learning Spanish, you can  pass the international Spanish exam SIELE and apply for studies in different Spanish-speaking countries.

Besides the main language lessons, School also organizes various cultural and educational events, where everyone can practice their foreign language skills, interact with other students and share their customs and traditions.