Why is it worth to learn English language in Estonia?


 Estonia is one of the most visa-friendly countries in the EU. Your tourist visa to Estonia will open you the easy and cheap way to visit other countries of Europe during the weekends between the study weeks in our school. Visit our Student support section for more details.

 • More than half of all Estonian citizens fluently speak English as their first foreign language and almost all tourist and public information is doubled in English. While in Tallinn, you will have an opportunity to practice your language skills outside classroom every second of your stay.

 • Tallinn is an incredibly visitor-friendly city and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern Europe. You will not feel yourself unwelcome. The city offers a very cozy and safe environment with lots of green zones, cafes, stunning views and romantic places. Tallinn nightlife is also diverse and vibrant.

  • Estonia as a whole is widely known for its advancements in informational technology. You will have a chance to visit Tallinn Museum of Robotics or any of the dozen interactive expositions as well as enjoy a free wi-fi network all around the city.

 • Tallinn can offer lots of cultural or sport events. For you here are jazz and folk festivals on the Song’s Field, open-air operas in the famous monastery of St. Bridget, flower festivals at the Old Town wall, The Sea Days in the Admiral’s Dock and many other entertaining events. Tallinn is the 2018 UEFA Super Cup’s host-city, and the game will be played on 15 August 2018.

 • Housing several large universities, boutiques, famous trademarks and the Central Business District which is never more than 15-minute drive away – no matter if you arrive by plane, train, coach or ferry, Tallinn offers a stylish mixture of gothic and modern architectural styles giving Tallinn a unique look of a European capital city being a relatively small town at the same time.

 • It’s nowadays becoming trendy to come for studies in English to Tallinn, the capital city of the Republic of Estonia and the Hanseatic pearl of Europe. More and more international students prefer Estonia to other countries for quality and reasonable prices – the money you can afford, indeed.


Best spots in Tallinn:


Old Town / Vanalinn

Tallinn’s Old Town, first mentioned in historical documents in 1154, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the first place you have to visit. Time machine will take you to medieval times and let you explore Tallinn’s urban legends, try famous nuts made right on the street, see the oldest buildings and underground tunnels! Breathtaking view to city from Oleviste church will amaze you, while there is no elevator available: visitors have to go up on rocky spiral stairs by themselves! But that’s the most fun, isn’t it?!

Read more here: www.visitestonia.com


Teliskivi “Creativity city” in Tallinn is known as the hipster part of town! This is the place where all art lovers and creative people gather together! Here, in cultural center of Tallinn, is always spring: bright colors, fresh ideas, nice atmosphere and inspiration all around! In Teliskivi you can also find amazing pieces of art such as graffiti works on the walls in the street. Events are organized every month in the “Creativity city” – for example flea and food markets, concerts and interesting seminars. In this small town people are never in a rush! So do you: take a cup of coffee in café ”Bohemia” and enjoy the day!


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Did you know that 50% of Estonian land is filled with forest? Yes, that’s the truth! If you love nature, Tallinn will surprise you with green, clean parks and beautiful beaches! Even though weather in Estonia is not always good for swimming, you can always walk by the shore and plan a trip on a boat to neighbor countries like Finland and Sweden.

Read more here: www.tallink.ee

Take a ride outside of Tallinn

Except of the beautiful capital city you easily can take a ride outside of Tallinn. If you are travelling in summer a must visit is Pärnu city which is the summer capital of Estonia. It has the largest beach in Estonia and is also well-known for its summer festivals, while Tartu is known as the city of students. Don’t miss the chance to visit also Vikings’ Village which is located about 30km outside of Tallinn and try some local food there.

Tere tulemast Eesti!


Official language: Estonian, with English and Russian widely spoken and understood

Currency: Euro €

Time zone: GMT +2 in winter and GMT +3 in summer

Country dialing code: 00372 or +372

Emergency number: 112

Plug socket: type F, with voltage of 230V and frequency of 50Hz